Handyman services

You have a home improvement project in mind but don’t know how to approach it? Ask Ildar.
Say, you have a swimming pool in your sunny backyard, and you want to add a shady spot to it to rest from the sun. Ildar can build a nice wooden pergola right next to your pool that will provide shade for your long chairs and a cocktail table.
Or you have a big deck but no storage space? Ildar and his team can build a cabinet or a chest to keep all the outdoor tableware, mosquito candles, and seat cushions. No deck? No problem! United Team can build a nice custom-fit maintenance-free deck for you.
Home theater installation? Built-in furniture in the laundry room, your bedroom or kitchen? Ildar and his team have done it all. He can show you the pictures in his portfolio, and his customers will be happy to give you their feedback. Call today at 571-217-1562 and ask for an estimate for your project. Your imagination is the limit!