ome emodeling ervices

United Team Contracting will help you make your dream project a reality. We offer a wide range of remodelling, renovation and construction services both for interior and exterior.

Sunrooms & Solariums

Create the perfect relaxation room for those unbearable sunny days.
Sunroom indoor space with charming outdoor atmosphere is one of the most popular sunroom remodeling ideas today. The good thing about sunrooms is that there is natural lighting. Thus, the only thing you need to worry about is how to make the natural lighting magical. You can use glass window to enhance the lighting. Enjoy the feel and look of the indoor and outdoor beauty by remodeling the sunroom with hardwoods, stone concrete or carpet floor.
Enhance the beauty of your home by remodeling the garden rooms. Allow the sunlight to filter inside! Garden rooms come with numerous amenities, such as double paned glass doors, ceiling fans, and electric outlets. With the help of our team you can give your sunroom the heavenly feel.


What is the best way to increase your home value other than remodeling the basement? Amazing basement designs will grab the attention of potential buyers. Some of the things that may be included in the official square footage of home for sale include a finished basement with modern features and designs.
As a homeowner looking for great return on your investment highly personalized basement is the wrong way to finish your basement. You should make your basement more attractive and functional to attract many buyers.
Most home buyers search for a basement with finished ceiling, floors, walls and proper wiring. Each and every buyer has a specific need for the basement. Thus, don’t over stretch your budget trying to impress your buyers. Leave a room for the buyer to personalize the basement. Contact us for impressive basement remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling

A bathroom remodel is the best way to enhance the comfort of your home. No matter the look, feel, texture or even the size of your bathroom, our custom designers are here to make your bathroom an oasis of comfort. Do you need new tiles, new colors, refreshed or redesigned waterfall shower or bathtub? United Team Contracting will make it happen!
Sometimes your bathroom might wear and tear due to extended exposure to hot water or even chemicals found in your bathing soaps or shampoos. With time it might become hard to make your bathroom sparkle, it is time to seek our help. Simple bathroom practices such as, replacing worn out showers, old toilets and faucets with modern ones might help in saving water, improving the environment and also reducing the cost of living.

Kitchen remodeling

No room in your house can be more important than your kitchen! In fact, it is regarded as the heart of the house. Looking for renovators to refresh or renovate your kitchen? Look no further! Over the years United Team Contracting has gained trusted reputation due to our excellent kitchen renovation services. Not only can we refresh or renovate your kitchen, but we have the most amazing selection of accessories, appliances, cabinets, countertops among other kitchen improvement products. In addition, we have a team of professional, trained and experienced stuffs from custom designers, finance manager, to transportation and delivery personnel. With our help your can get the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room is one of the rooms people view as less important. Contrary to this view, Laundry room should be one of most important rooms in our homes. Why should it be regarded with some importance? Do you love doing laundry? Imagine having to do your laundry in unattractive Laundry room with few cabinets, small laundry folding space, few shelves and no rack to hang clothes? A laundry room should make the laundry task more enjoyable. You should be comfortable folding your clothes in such a place. When remodeling your laundry room you should consider things like, spacious storage, task-oriented cabinet, shelves and sinks among others.

Room Addition

You can’t just create a room to your existing home and call it Room addition. You need to come up with great custom designs for a remarkable room addition. Did you know having an addition room is more economical than purchasing a new home?  When searching and selecting a contractor to design you new room, you should check his work background to make sure he is an expert in this sector. As a Northern Virginia homeowner where else can you find such experienced contractors other than United Team Contracting?
At UTC we have a team of professional contractors who can provide you with creative ideas for your ideal Room Addition. Contact us today!

Custom Built-ins

Make the most of your home design by creating custom built-ins that matches your taste and preferences. Let’s help design your cabinetry, custom storage solutions, entryways, entertainment/Media centers, Bookcases, bedroom wall units among others with our stunning pieces. Call us today to get custom built-ins that define your lifestyle and taste.

Handyman services

You have a home improvement project in mind but don’t know how to approach it? Ask Ildar.
Say, you have a swimming pool in your sunny backyard, and you want to add a shady spot to it to rest from the sun. Ildar can build a nice wooden pergola right next to your pool that will provide shade for your long chairs and a cocktail table.
Or you have a big deck but no storage space? Ildar and his team can build a cabinet or a chest to keep all the outdoor tableware, mosquito candles, and seat cushions. No deck? No problem! United Team can build a nice custom-fit maintenance-free deck for you.
Home theater installation? Built-in furniture in the laundry room, your bedroom or kitchen? Ildar and his team have done it all. He can show you the pictures in his portfolio, and his customers will be happy to give you their feedback. Call today at 571-217-1562 and ask for an estimate for your project. Your imagination is the limit!


Would you like to spend a nice morning on your deck reading the news and sipping your coffee? Or relax with a glass of wine, chat with your friends and watch fireflies on a nice evening in your gazebo? Ildar and the United Team has a lot of experience in building these additions to your house or yard. Small cozy decks for just two chairs and a cocktail table or a large maintenance-free deck with storage underneath, big rectangular gazebos for special events or a small pergola by your pool, the United Team can do it all.